Maison Berger x Jonathan Adler

Maison Berger x Jonathan Adler

October 10, 2020 1 Comment


Muse Collection Products

$96 - $170




3 new fragrances to discover

Treat yourself to a zesty, refreshing and authentic interlude with the Imperial Green Tea fragrance in the Muse collection. Based on the aromatic scents of tea leaves, it creates a light atmosphere in your home.

We offer 2 additional fragrances developed with Jonathan Adler himself:  Wilderness and Citrus Breeze. The scents of the garden invite themselves into the Wilderness fragrance with tomato leaves giving it character while Citrus Breeze is made with grapefruit. One is woody, the other is zesty, and will bring to your home beautiful, modern olfactory surprises.

These fragrances embody this exclusive collection: sparkling, faceted, and complex!





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Roxana Rodriguez
Roxana Rodriguez

October 11, 2020

Omg can’t wait!!!

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