Sandalwood Temptation Scented Candle - Sandalwood Temptation


A mixture of vintage and contemporary, a captivating fragrance ... This Christmas gift is invaluable for candle lovers, so let yourself be tempted!

The Temptation Sandalwood scented candle is made of 100% vegetable wax inside a chocolate color bottle that warms and brings a friendly touch to your interior. Its metallic effect is part of a modern approach, introduced by Maison Berger Paris and creating a striking contrast with its gray, rather cold interior. 

All the originality of this scented candle comes from the shiny silver metal hood surmounted by its corolla. This timeless shape, inspired by the 70s and the hats of the hat, embodies a certain idea of ​​femininity and elegance. 

The Sandalwood Temptation fragrance has enveloping woody notes, aromatic cardamom notes and floral notes of white jasmine that remind you of the Orient. 

The Temptation Temptation Scented Candle is an ode to travel.

  • 100% natural botanical and vegan wax (soy), without GMOs, for cleaner burning
  • Cotton wick specifically plaited for the format of the candle
  • Green and sustainable artisanal manufacturing
  • Fragrances created by French master perfumers, solid-poured to ensure controlled and homogeneous burning
  • Patented molecule to neutralize bad odors
  • Intense perfuming for up to 30 hours



  • For even burning: do not blow out the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
  • For a cleaner burning: before each use, adjust the length of the wick (1 cm roughly) by cutting it.
  • To preserve the candle: when not in use, do not expose it to temperatures that are too high.

Burning Duration 
Up to 45 hours
2400 grams

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Sandalwood Temptation

In the head the fresh and aromatic flight of cardamom and rose accompanied by a milky sandalwood and a slightly dry cedar. A white jasmine accompanied with the myrtle are in harmony. Then light amber and vanilla notes bring their touch of elegance and character.

Head Notes

Rose, Cardamom, Sandalwood

Heart Notes

Cedarwood-Myrtle, White Jasmine

Base Notes

Sandalwood-Amber, Vanilla

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