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How to Eliminate Grilling and Smoke Smells

How to Eliminate Grilling and Smoke Smells

Anyone I’ve talked to recently will tell you—I am completely obsessed with the new Tonic Lemon fragrance. I can’t get enough of it! So, when the smoke from the barbecue got overwhelming as we barbecued chicken thighs a few weeks ago, I had an idea. “I wonder if this Tonic Lemon fragrance would cut the smoke,” I mused. My husband laughed, “Any excuse to burn it, huh?” I brought one of my Maison Berger lamps outside, lit it, and wouldn’t you know, it worked! Instead of the smell of burning fat, the air was filled with a sunny, jubilant fragrance.

Don’t get the wrong idea here—my husband is a master with the barbecue, as he is with all cooking. But our barbecue gets a lot of use, and we often have to burn off the residue from previous meals. He also loves to experiment and isn’t afraid of flare ups or longer roasting projects. All of this amounts to smoke, and sometimes a lot of it! The man can cook and the smell of smoke seems a fair price to pay for enjoying all his tasty creations. But if I could have delicious food without the unpleasant smell….

A few days later we were hosting friends for a barbecue. My husband was excited to cook up a feast—and I was dreading having to breathe in the barbecue smoke for hours. It was the perfect chance to put my new trick to the test! When our friends arrived, the barbecue smoke was already potent, so I lit my shiny, grapefruit-hued ice cube Riviera lamp that I had placed on the table in anticipation. Within minutes, the lamp was providing not only a pop of summery color, but it was eliminating the smells emanating from the barbecue as it diffused a delightful aroma! Our guests were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful day and great company without the distraction of overwhelming smells.

Our guests were also intrigued by my beautiful lamp and its ability to neutralize the strong smell of barbecue. And, of course, they too loved the fragrance and were curious about Maison Berger’s selection. “Would any other Maison Berger fragrance eliminate barbecue smoke? What else are you burning these days?” Since it was a summer gathering, I immediately knew which fragrance to pull out. “Let’s find out!” I grabbed my Dare Green-Blue Ombré Lamp filled with Summer Rain fragrance. Soon the air was filled with a fresh scent that captures the exhilaration of a sudden downpour on a hot day. So different from Tonic Lemon, but still summery in its own way. “I love how you can match the fragrance perfectly to the lamp!” my friend exclaimed. She was speaking my language!

I consider this experiment a resounding success. I’ve got a new trick and some new converts. I’ll never again host a barbecue without my Berger lamps on hand. As my husband shows off his prowess with the grill, I can treat our guests to a refined summer gathering. Lampes Berger are a unique and fantastic way to create a truly elevated barbecue experience!

- Martha 

Martha Slocombe is a translator and copy writer who lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband, two sons, two cats and dog. She started writing for Maison Berger in 2020 and quickly became a huge fan. Martha’s favorite fragrances include Winter Joy, Lavender Fields and Ocean Breeze. When not running after her family, Martha can be found reading, gardening and baking. Her favorite fragrances in her garden include rose, lavender and lilac.

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Nancy Barker

Which is the best fragrance for a great room with a very active kitchen? I had Sandalwood going earlier in the day but was making a Cod pasta dish….the smells were all mixed up. I love the Sandalwood…but with cooking not so good.

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