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Home Fragrance Packing List for College

Home Fragrance Packing List for College

Some of my fondest memories and strongest friendships date back to my college days. So, naturally, I was excited for my niece when she got into her dream school, even if it means she’s moving to another city! There’s nothing like the mix of emotions that comes with leaving home… the intoxicating feeling of independence combined with apprehension about starting a new chapter. I wanted to give her the perfect care package that both celebrates the excitement of her new adventure and offers the comfort of knowing her loved ones are rooting for her. I immediately thought of some Maison Berger products to help make her college dorm experience even more special.

Car Diffuser
First, as her aunt, I want her to come home to visit as often as possible! What better way to make driving a positive experience than with a Flash Technical Car Diffuser? This unique car diffuser allows her to control the intensity of the scent. And I know she’ll love the fresh fragrance of the Aroma Travel Refills, perfect for settling the nervous stomach of someone moving away from home. That means one less thing for her to worry about on her drive to orientation and car sickness will be kept at bay when she makes the trip home to see her family.

Musty Odors Reed Diffuser

I’ll never forget the excitement of walking into my college dorm room for the first time. And I can just as clearly remember the musty smell of my room on the third floor of a large building! As soon as she moves in, my niece will be able to use her Cube Reed Diffuser Pre-filled with the My Home Free From Musty Odors fragrance to banish musty smells. I’ll also include an easy-to-use refill so she never runs out of this patented anti-odor product. She’ll love the continuous powdery scent that freshens the air without having to worry about flames.

Essential Square Lamp Set

I also remember that dorm rooms can get pretty smelly for other reasons! Living around so many other people, there were always the smells of food and all the other smells that come with a group of (young) people cohabiting. In my day, we used to burn incense, but I have something way more effective and refined for my niece to enjoy. With the Essential Square Lamp Gift Set with Air Pur So Neutral and the Ocean Breeze fragrance, she can remove unpleasant odors from the air and enjoy a marine scent formulated in France for a touch of elegance. This set is the perfect introduction to the Lampe Berger—a grownup gift for our college student!  This plum-gradient lamp would also be great--particularly as backdrop mood for her selfies or as standalone #shelfies!

Aroma Focus Candle
And lastly, of course I need to get her something for all the long study sessions and inevitable all-nighters! I remember the ritual of settling in to write a paper at the last minute well: a long shower, a collection of snacks, and lots of candles to set the mood. I can guarantee that the fragrant Aroma Focus - Aromatic Leaves Scented Candle is way more elegant than any candles I was burning in college, and it has the added bonus of helping her to focus. Not only does it smell amazing, it’s formulated with essential oils to help concentration. For a flame-free version, I would recommend the Aroma Focus Reed Diffuser.

These are just some of the many products I could have chosen to help our college matriculant settle in to her new dorm room. I hope they help my niece put her personal stamp on the place that will be her home for the next year. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

- Martha

Martha Slocombe is a translator and copy writer who lives in Montréal, Canada with her husband, two sons, two cats and dog. She started writing for Maison Berger in 2020 and quickly became a huge fan. Martha’s favorite fragrances include Winter Joy, Lavender Fields and Ocean Breeze. When not running after her family, Martha can be found reading, gardening and baking. Her favorite fragrances in her garden include rose, lavender and lilac.


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